“Ask the General Service Board”

Phone Forums

The Long-Range Planning Committee of the General Service Board will host two phone forums during the 2022-2023 World Service Conference year to provide an opportunity to learn and ask questions about D.A. and service.

The first “Ask the GSB” Phone Forum will be held on

Saturday, October 15, 2022.

  • Noon to 1pm Eastern Daylight Time
  • CEST = 19:00
  • EAT = 19:00
  • BST = 17:00
  • PDT = 09:00
  • AEDT = 03:00+1 (next day)

Please confirm the meeting time for your local time zone: worldtimebuddy.com/


2022 WSC Recap

Several members of the Fellowship and the General Service Board who attended the 2022 World Service Conference in London will share their experiences. This portion of the call will be recorded.

Participants will have time to ask questions and make comments.

The question and comment portion of the call will not be recorded.

  • Dial-in number: 605-472-5540
  • Access code: 617093#

International call-in information: debtorsanonymous.org/call-in-access/

Playback of the speaker portion of all Fellowship-wide calls are available as podcasts on the website at debtorsanonymous.org/fellowship-services/fellowship-podcasts/

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This email is intended as information for Debtors Anonymous members only. Participants receiving these eNews updates are ensured that their information is treated as private, and is protected from any access. The information is not maintained on-line by the D.A. website, nor will it be provided in any database that would be sold or shared with any other entities—it will be kept strictly for the purpose of receiving these messages.

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